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Blowing Tall Handsome Beefcake Josue (BCH)


Blowing tall handsome Beefcake Josue is an accomplishment that took a lot of persuasion. He is kind of shy and serious. On the day of the shooting you can tell how nervous and uneasy he was, but by making use of some BCH lines I was able to get some smiles from him ?? Beefcake Josue is a sexy Latino with a nice chest, big arms, and muscular hairy legs between other attributes that we highly appreciate here at BeefCakeHunter Land like a hairy crotch… hmm. I know some of Hunters would stop reading at this point and jump to the video or pics ?? Just packing a day and a half load in his balls, along with his nervousness and the fact that this was the first time he has been sucked by another guy; Beefcake Josue posed a challenge for me, so I started with a slow and long licking to his pretty balls. Then, I slowly began sucking his cock. I could hear his hard breathing, so I knew he was enjoying the warm mouth working his tool, but his anxiousness was still working against getting him completely in the “zone”. He asked me to use my hands as well, and that made the trick for a successful Blowing tall handsome Beefcake Josue! Once I got that cock rocking, we can see how beautiful it is, slightly curved down with a very suckable head. I enjoyed it when I noticed him taking glances at my service, that being one of the best parts of this video, along with his often soft moaning, and for those Hunters who love when the Beefcakes roll their heads back, Josue is your guy! By the middle of the session I stopped using my hands, you know I prefer to just put my mouth to work, but a few minutes later he asked me to use my hands again. It seems that like many other straight guys he loves the combination of head/stroke play. I knew I was getting him close, so the last minutes I jerked him off and I made him cum straight onto my mouth, tasting his sweet cum without hiding it ?? I hope you guys are safe and staying home enjoying this Blowing tall handsome Beefcake Josue. We are going through this together and we will overcome. A few days ago, I posted in our social media platforms something related to what is going on, I hope you have read it. Love you my friends!

performer: josue / victor

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