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Beefcake Xiexie Wen


I have traveled the seven seas back and forth to find my Asian beefcake that I have promised to many of you, I went beyond my own limitations in search of my first Asian cock for the site and Boom! I got lucky enough to cross paths with sexy Wen while he was looking to make a living in this new city, I melted to see how hot and nice this Peruvian-Chinese beefcake was..omg I couldn’t believe my luck! You can count that he was treated and paid as Porn Star, and all his requirement were conceded , thankfully he is very humble and nice ( and of course he didn’t know I was desperate for an Asian beefcake lol), no seriously Wen couldn’t be nicer and easy to work with. Beefcake Wen took his time to make the decision but once he made out his mind, we were good to go, he was adorable in the conversation part of the video and after he took his shirt off, it was hard to me to keep my hands off his chest, his skin is so soft but his body is naturally fit and hard and OMG when I get down to touch his cock I found out it was a thick nice seven inch one and he started laughing about my facial expressions lol, his laugh was contagious !I didn’t know then what speed go in the blowjob and I tried both: fast and slow, at some points I felt like I was losing him (he confessed me later that in those moments he was having weird thoughts and he couldn’t believe he was been sucked by another guy), but then I discovered that slow head made him really hard, that plus his facial expressions gave me the confidence that I was going in the right direction , then I made him seat at the edge of the couch and I dared myself to kiss his nipples and armpits, wow ! he allowed me! I was pretty sure he would complain , but it wasn’t the case , at the end I knew that a hand job would be necessary to squeeze his man juice, and he was packing a big load…nice.. Thanks to all the Hunters that were waiting for an Asia beefcake, here is Wen for your delight ! Xiexie Wen! …Thank you Wen!

performer: xiexie wen