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Beefcake Sandro Fucks Good


Beefcake Sandro fucks good, that is for sure! I know many Hunters were eager to watch this hottie again and I am going to be honest with you, we shot this scene more than a month ago but I wanted to save it for the Holidays… oops! That morning Beefcake Sandro showed up a little sleepy, so I thought “no way!”. I made him jump in the shower, I even tried to get him to shower with cold water… lol just kidding! I’m not that bad! The shower scene was longer than usual. I was totally enjoying this Brazilian Beefcakes’ sexy body, and how he likes to flirt with the camera. I was lost in time and space for a bit. I haven’t told you, but previously I showed him the comments area of his videos, he didn’t ask me to see the video itself but he was very curious about the viewers’ comments. He was very pleased to read so many good things about him. In an interesting note; usually the Beefcakes aren’t curious, not even for the name of the site, but some have asked me to read the comments, as Sandro also did. Going back to the action on the set, again I got lost in Sandro’s balls. They smell so good and are so delicious to put my mouth on, that I once again took a long time before actually wrapping my lips around his cock. Sandro seemed very eager to get sucked, hmm I love that! As expected he face fucked me a couple of times with his super hard cock but again I made him turn around so I could lick a bit his hairy ass. When the fuck part came, Sandro got into the dominant role and pushed me against the wall and started pounding me. I had to beg him to be a little gentle at the beginning, but once that cock slid inside my hole there was no stopping him. He smacked me a couple of times and spitted on my face while fucking me in the missionary position. I didn’t want to cut the action, Beefcake Sandro fucks good; we were so into it, that I didn’t noticed the sofa and the cameras got out of position. Honestly, I would’ve liked that the equipment and furniture wouldn’t have moved during the shooting, which was still a very hot and real scene. After I noticed what happened, I got Sandro to stand up and finish in my mouth, a cum-shot that covered my whole face with the delicious Sandro’s cum, that I couldn’t even see my way to the bathroom…Lol I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season, and of course enjoy this video of Beefcake Sandro fucks good!

performer: sandro