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Beefcake Marcus Is the Boss (BCH)


Beefcake Marcus is the boss! Or at least he was in this video, like he stated at the end of it lol. For this third session, sexy BBC Beefcake Marcus was more comfortable at BeefCakeHunter Land, no need for push-ups and like I have anticipated, he got more verbal. It was easy to work on… let’s say a “tracing list” from some Hunters: show more his beautiful feet, eat his cherry, missionary fuck position, POV of his beautiful big black cock, face fucking, etc. When he arrived at the studio I was a little disappointed that he was not wearing his soccer player shorts like I told him to do so, but soon I realized that anyways his clothes won’t stay on for long lol. Seeing his naked torso and chest I couldn’t get my hands off him, I don’t think any Hunter could, right? ?? The temperature in the room started to rise in an already hot summer afternoon, thank God, the AC is working properly at BCH! After being on my knees worshipping his tool, I moved to his side to better deep throat him and I took the opportunity to make him play a little with my ass. Then he stood up for me to be on my knees again to receive a hard face fucking that make me tear, pleasure tears. He really enjoys seeing me out of breath and totally at his mercy, I have to submit, after all, Beefcake Marcus is the boss! Lol He was so ready to plug my ass again and I won’t lie, I have been doing this for years but it was deliciously painful at the beginning. It’s like my man-pussy closes itself every time, yeah for real! you don’t believe me? Ok, I can’t believe after all this time you guys don’t take me seriously! Lol Just joking! A merciless fuck was the menu of the day and thankfully when I could not get more, Beefcake Marcus was ready to shoot. What a creamy, warm and abundant man juice he poured on my butt. But it seems like he can’t get enough of a man-pussy that he proposed to keep fucking me, I did have to comply, as Beefcake Marcus is the boss, but it was just for a few more minutes. Don’t worry you did not miss a second cumshot! I hope you like this video Hunters!

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performer: marcus

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