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Axel Ross & Nico Vegas


Raw: Cherry Busting: Axel Ross gets his cherry busted by Nico Vegas today. He sits on the bed to answer a few questions then Nico arrives to meet Axel for the first time, and he introduces himself. They chat a little and start kissing. They both remove tee shirts and kiss more as Nico feels over Axel’s chest. He gropes him too and kisses his chest. Axel lays back as Nico kisses the chest and lowers the jeans. Then Nico pulls down Axel’s underwear too, releasing his stiff cock. He takes the cock into his mouth and starts sucking it. Axel rubs his chest as he feels the hot mouth working on his rock hard cock. Then the jeans are removed and the underwear is lowered more. Axel returns to sucking on that big cock. Axel’s jeans also bulge as his cock seems to be hard inside. He gropes that cock too as he sucks on Axel. Then Nico opens his jeans too, showing off his hard dick. Axel takes hold of the cock and wanks it gently as they kiss again. Nico then sucks some more, getting fully naked too. He works hard on Axel’s dick for a while longer. Then it is Axel’s turn to show that he can suck. He moves onto his knees and begins to suck Nico’s stiff dick. Nico encourages him, with a hand, and then wanks Axel. Axel sucks the stiff cock gripping it in his fist too. He does a good job on that cock and they kiss again. Then Axel presents his hot ass and the tight hole for Nico to rim. The cheeks are spread wide as Nico’s tongue finds the tight hole. He rubs the hole with a finger too, and spanks on the ass as well. His dick is rock hard as he plays with that hole. Then Nico position himself behind Axel and he pushes his cock into the virgin hole. The dick goes deep inside as Nico starts to fuck. He smacks the ass cheeks too as he thrusts hard into that tight hole. Axel takes the dick so well as his hole gets stretched wide. The big cock slides deep inside and Nico keeps fucking. He climbs over that ass and keeps fucking as hard as he can. That dick goes balls deep into Axel’s tight hole. Then Nico pulls out and slides deep inside to fuck more. Axel is then turns over, onto his back, and the dick goes back inside his ass. He wanks himself too as he feels the big cock deep inside him. Nico fucks hard and fast as Axel continues to wank. His cock is rock hard as he wanks. Nico is ready to cum and pulls out just as Axel shoots his hot load. That cum shoots onto his stomach as Nico unloads his cream too. Then he slides his dick back into that hot ass hole one last time.

performer: Axel Ross / Nico Vegas

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