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Archie Paige Gets To Fuck Brody Fox


Getting into it quickly, Archie knows how to make out with another man. After some intense kisses, he removes Brody’s shirt and leaves him in nothing but his underwear, hairy chest and hard cock waiting for his lips to receive Archie’s intentional touch. Playing with his cock through the fabric, then directly against the skin, Archi licks the hard dick. He’s done this before, his head bobbing around in small circles, getting every inch of Brody’s big cock wet with saliva. Brody gets impatient, wanting to show off his new cock-eating techniques when he devours Archie’s amazing cock. It gets even more slippery everytime Brody sinks it into his throat. The boys quickly move to playing with ass, Brody flipping and presenting his fantastic hole to Archie’s tongue. Hungry for money, and turned on by a great ass presented to directly to him on a human platter, Archie digs in. He makes Brody moan with every flick of his tongue, every suck of his lips. Only coming up for air when absolutely necessary, Archie dives deeper into Brody before his cock is ready to fuck the straight out of him. Without hesitation, Archie fills Brody’s ass with a quick thrust. Then another. And another. His tight, sculpted body makes Archie’s cock even harder, and the handprint lasting on his ass shows Archie’s desire to dominate the gym boss. The new guy Archie knows the power of anticipation, slowing down to build the intensity before flipping Brody over and banging him again. A firm grip on his cock, Brody rubs himself as his ass is full of newbie cock, but it’s Archie who gets to cum first. Thrusting until he blows his load all over Brody’s balls and then licking it up until he fucks Brody again and makes him squirt his hot load onto himself. Archie cleans up the mess and gives Brody one last kiss before collapsing onto the bed.

performer: Archie Paige / Brody Fox

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